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  MOSAIC IBIZA by Monika Deis

MOSAIC IBIZA by Monika Deis

Monika Deis is devoted to creating mosaics, by assembling small pieces of colored glass incl. gold, smalti (special Venetian glass), natural stone or other materials onto frames or objects.
The beautiful island of Ibiza is her inspiration but she is also deeply inspired by the colors and shapes of the stones exposed at her beloved Italian factory that supplies her with all the mosaic materials she needs.
Her mosaics are not only flat images, but also decorative objects of various shapes, or for example: pieces of mosaic on tables and benches, for inside your home, on the terrace or in the garden.
Her decorative mosaics of various colors and shapes are made on commission.



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MOSAIC IBIZA - Ibiza Mosaics with colored glass, Venetian smalti and natural stone on frames and decorative objects by Monika Deis